Others Services

Health Counselling

Ultratech Diagnostic is proud to present a Health Care Counseling for patients. Our objective is to guide a patient so that best treatment at affordable price is opted.

Weight Management

Presently, one of the biggest areas of concern is body weight. Sedentary life style and over consumption of fast food leads to this problem. We stand firm to help people to learn the technique of weight management.

Blood Pressure Checkup

A complimentary service to all our regular patients as we understand the vital effects of increased or low blood pressure on human health.

Bariatric Coordination

Bariatric (weight loss) Surgery is an option for those who are severely overweight and have been unsuccessful in losing weight with sustained diet and exercise.

OPD Consultant

Our connections with more than 300+ specialist Doctors all over India is at your service. We at Ultratech, provide you assistance in getting appointment with these specialist doctors. Visit us and experience reliability.

Review Desk

Our regular patients may also enjoy the health review facility present for terminal diseases. This facility initiates regular check ups and routine test so that you suffer less and enjoy a healthy life.

Juice and Snacks corner

Absolutely freshly made juice and healthy but tasty snacks are available in th Juice and Snacks corner.

Pharmacy counter

As an Add-On facility, we have a pharmacy counter which prepare and dispense medications, advise customers about how to use medications and warn them about possible drug interactions. Retail pharmacists also consult with customers about over-the-counter medicines and general healthcare issues

Wellness Center

Wellness Centre interacts and consult with customers about over-the-counter medicines and general healthcare issues.